Kyoto Grain System Launches Research Institute on “Genmaicha” (Brown Rice Tea)

Move Timed with November 1, “Genmaicha Day” in Japan –

As one of Japan’s leading producers of roasted rice, Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd.,
headquartered in Kyoto City, is pleased to announce the establishment of the
“Genmaicha Research Institute (Japan Brown Rice Tea Research Institute)” on
November 1, 2023, which is celebrated as Genmaicha Day in Japan. Its goal is to
introduce genmaicha, the traditional Japanese beverage that is enjoyed daily in Japan,
to people around the world, helping them develop a fondness for it and providing
content that will encourage their support.
Please visit the institute’s website:

“Genmaicha” is a type of traditional Japanese flavored tea created by blending roasted
rice and green tea. While it is a unique beverage enjoyed in everyday life in Japan, it is
relatively unknown abroad. Aiming to create awareness of the value and charm of this
traditional genmaicha among people worldwide, the company established the
Genmaicha Research Institute to ensure its continuation for the next generation and

The company will share the appeal of genmaicha that can be considered a pioneering
beverage for the U.N. SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), providing guidance on
how to enjoy it, savor its flavor, and suggest pairing it with various foods through
diverse approaches. Furthermore, it will propose standards, criteria, and definitions as
global standards, and conduct promotional and communication activities both
domestically and internationally.

Kyoto Grain System also has plans for trial tastings and special campaigns for its
original genmaicha. It encourages consumers to explore the charm of genmaicha and
support the efforts of the Genmaicha Research Institute to make them love genmaicha
even more.

Kyoto Grain System is committed to contributing to “Planetary Health” through
sustainable genmaicha production at the local, national, and global levels.

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Name: Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd.
President: Naokazu Tamiya
Address: Shiseido Kyoto bldg 2F, 480 Kitafudondo-cho, Kiduyabashi-sagaru, Aburakoji-
dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8233, Japan
Official website:

Hisanori Tamiya
Senior Managing Director
Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-75-353-8833
For inquiries, please contact us through the inquiry section on the Genmaicha
Research Institute’s website ( ).